Awkward Season 4 episode 13 premieres today MTV

MTV's teen drama Awkward returns with its 13th episode today, 30 September.

The 13th episode is titled, Auld Lang Party, and the official synopsis reads:

Although Jenna wants to have a quiet New Year's Eve, plans go awry."

Last week, the mid-season premiere episode ended up with Matty finding out the truth about Eva's pregnancy, and asking her to leave Palos Hills High School forever. After "you're a good person" comment from Luke, Jenna Hamilton is officially single.

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Will Matty and Jenna hook up again?

Awkward Season 4 Episode 13
Will Jenna and Matty Hook up again? MTV

The new promo released by MTV shows Matty telling Jenna, "Neither of us hooks up." But in the next scene, Jenna says, "I don't want to start my New Year feeling rejected by Matty."

Also, Owen and Jenna hooked up, much to the disappointment of Tamara, who had a secret crush on him. With the Graduation day nearing, Jenna is struggling to get into a good college.

The promo also shows Matty going out with some older girls, and Jenna throwing a party, which doesn't go as planned.

Watch the trailer here.

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Will Matty and Jenna get together again?

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