Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson stars as Spencer Strasmore in HBO series Ballers Ballers/HBO

Ballers season 2 is all set to premiere on HBO on Sunday, 17 July and in keeping with its upcoming air-date, series star Dwayne Johnson shared a trailer that summarises everything the sports comedy show is about. Judging by the first look which revolves around the lives of retired football players, season 2 seems set to introduce a brand new rival in the form of Andy Garcia.

The trailer for Ballers season 2 introduces viewers to Andre Allen (Garcia), who is set to serve as a challenging opponent to Johnson's character, Spencer Strasmore.

As Spencer works his way to the top to make money and earns respect through his sports agency, the hunky character will be faced with competition and challenges from his old adversary, Andre.

"I have been doing this for 20 years; you guys have been doing this for what, 20 minutes," the 60-year-old actor says in the trailer, questioning Spencer's skills. Sporting a salt and pepper look, Andre further goes on to challenge Spencer as he says, "You think that you are gonna steal my clients?" adding "I don't lose clients, I don't lose. Period."

Great responsibilities will be shouldered by The Godfather actor in the upcoming season of the HBO series as he prepares to serve as the antagonistic force in the sports-agent comedy. Clearly Andre is more experienced that Spencer in the business and hence Spencer's partner, Joe (Rob Corddry) warns him saying, "In this business, you don't cross the biggest guy."

Apart from the growing rivalry between the players-turned-businessmen, the Ballers trailer is hot on action-packed sequences and wild parties. In between meetings and dance clubs, the lead characters seem to enjoy fast cars, speed-boats, three-piece suits, and more. Interestingly, the trailer packs some comic exchanges — when a receptionist confuses Johnson's character for Vin Diesel. With a sly smirk, Spencer replies: "No, I'm bigger and better looking."