The Big Bang Theory season 10 finale is set to test Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler's relationship. With Amy off to Princeton for a research fellowship for three months, a female crush from Sheldon's past re-appears, posing a threat to their happy romance.

According to the synopsis for Episode 24 titled, The Long Distance Dissonance, "The gang is concerned when Sheldon's former admirer, Dr Ramona Nowitzki (Riki Lindhome), resurfaces while Amy is away at Princeton."

Showrunner Steven Molaro spoke to TV Guide about Ramona's return and teased that season 10 "ends with a real wallop". He said, "What I love about this finale is it really focuses on all of the gang as a family, as a group supporting each other. Everybody has lots of fun stuff to do. I think it's funny and fast-paced and ends with a real wallop."

Teasing Sheldon and Amy's romance, the showrunner said, "We try to do things that keep us excited and nervous, and I think that helps us keep the show fresh. I think this episode is among them. There's an outsider floating around Sheldon and making a real play for him while Amy's gone. There are a lot of exciting things in play."

Molaro also explained how they came up with the idea of bringing back Lindhome's character in the show. "With Amy away for a few months, we liked the idea that Sheldon was essentially on his own for the first time as far as what we've seen on Big Bang Theory, living in an apartment by himself, his girlfriend who he's very attached to is now far away, and we wanted to explore what that would mean for his character."

He continued, "One of the things we thought could be interesting based on that was what would happen if another woman came along while Amy was gone and what would that do to Sheldon as well as his group of friends."

Previously, Molaro cryptically confirmed that the quasi-love triangle involving Sheldon, Amy and Ramona will build to a surprising cliffhanger. Will they break up? To know more, do not miss TBBT season 10 finale that airs on 11 May at 8pm EST on CBS Network.

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