A primary school letter has gone viral after inspiring its students not to be disheartened over their Key Stage Two results.

Headteacher Rachel Tomlinson and head of year six, Amy Birkett, sent the letter to pupils at Barrowford Primary school in Lancashire saying the tests do not always assess what makes them "special and unique".

In a swipe at standardised teaching, it read: "The people who drew up the tests, do not know each of you... the way your teachers do, the way I hope to, and certainly not the way your families do."

The letter finishes by telling pupils to "enjoy your results" but to remember that "there are many ways of being smart".

Tomlinson admitted the letter itself was not original as she found the text online six months ago - it was previously used by an elementary school in the US - but she wanted to pass on the sentiments to her own pupils at the end of this school year.

She was "absolutely astounded" by the heartfelt reaction it has received via social media across the globe.

"Wow. There are posts all over the world about this letter!! All we did was remind our Y6 how amazing they are!!!" tweeted Barrowford school.


But Tomlinson denied telling pupils that the tests did not matter.

"We never give pupils the message that academic attainment isn't important - what we do is celebrate that we send really independent, confident, articulate learners on to the next stage of their school career," she said.