After the awkward wedding proposal to Sheriff Alex Romero, Norma Bates finally takes an important step toward her insane son Norman's treatment in Bates Motel season 4. Episode 3 of the A&E thriller will focus on how the mother-son duo will deal with the new changes in their lives.

According to the official description, after Romero's financial help, Norma will convince her son to sign the consent form from the hospital and manage to send him for treatment. Meanwhile, after denying the medical insurance-based marriage proposal, Romero agrees to marry the motel owner.

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Meanwhile, Norman's hallucination increases as he thinks his mother killed Audrey. In a sneak peek released by A&E, Norman will start getting treatment from Dr Edwards (Damon Gupton) and will confess his feelings before him.

"I'm angry because she asks too much," a visibly frustrated Norman tells the doctor. "I have tried to always be there for her, and I have been a very good son, but there's just something wrong about my mother and she does things and then she blames me, but these things I just can't talk about."

The official synopsis of episode 3 titled Til Death Do You Part reads: Norma and Romero take a big step together, but neither knows what it means to the other. And as Norman struggles to accept his new circumstances, Dylan attempts to shed old business.

It has also been revealed that Norma and Romero will get married minus the motel owner's son. It will be interesting to see how Norman reacts to his mother's nuptials and whether or not he will accept Romero as his stepfather.

Bates Motel season 4 airs every Monday on A&E network.