After EA revealed the next installment of the Battlefield Franchise, Battlefield Hardline, at E3, gamers were quick to realise that it was nothing more than a rehash of Battlefield 4 that focused on cops and robbers. This only reduced consumer trust that had already been weakened with the many shortcomings of Battlefield 4.

However, Visceral Games' creative director Ian Milham recently spoke about how Hardline is different from the main Battlefield series, in an interview with GamingBolt.

"It still has all the Battlefield fundamentals – the things that make Battlefield Battlefield. Giant maps, all the different team-play options, the tactics, the vehicles, the gadgets and all that kind of stuff, but it's a completely new fiction and world and feel.

"That means the look is different, the music is different, where the maps are located is different, all the vehicles are different and all that kind of stuff. It's the best of both worlds, it's the gameplay that a lot of people are familiar with and with a lot of innovations on top."

Milham also spoke about how the developer plans to avoid making the mistake it made with Battlefield 4.

"It seems silly to even have to say it, but when you buy a game it should work, and we take pride in delivering polished finished software. First of all, all of the work that has been done on Battlefield 4 throughout the year has all been coming along, we even did that some of that work.

"So a lot of that is coming along in what we are shipping as well and then we're doing things like the beta, to let people play it, see it and also to help us create the best launch we can."