BBC releases teaser of 'Game Changer', Grand Theft Auto TV drama, amid Rockstar legal action threat Rockstar Games

The BBC has finally released the much-awaited teaser trailer of 'Game Changer', a new dramatized documentary focusing on the real-world controversy surrounding the Grand Theft Auto series, particularly the third instalment of the franchise. The Game Changer will be a two-part TV movie series with the first part coming out on 15 September (UK) and the second proposed for a 2016 release in the UK.

Rockstar Games had clarified back in March regarding its non-involvement in the production of the 90-minute documentary, which features Daniel Radcliffe who plays Sam Houser (co-founder of GTA publisher Rockstar Games), and Bill Paxton of Aliens, Twister, and Titanic fame plays American lawyer Jack Thompson.

Houser takes charge as the leading revolutionary of the video game industry, while Thompson campaigns tirelessly against the teachings of violence and immorality imparted to players in the game. It is being dubbed as the "most extraordinary creative and controversial success stories of our time", reports Neowin, citing the BBC.

Owen Harris directs the movie riding on his success with popular UK dramas Black Mirror and Misfits, which were based on James Wood's script involving "court documents and interviews" with people associated with the case, according to Hollywood Reporter quoting the BBC.

The BBC is apparently pressing ahead with its move to broadcast The Gamechanger show, despite Rockstar's legal threat. The show will be telecast on BBC Two in the UK at 9pm on 15 September, but it is uncertain if the show will go live on the BBC's international services.

The BBC admitted in a recent press release that the movie "has not been authorized by the producers of Grand Theft Auto".