GTA 5 Online: Expected DLC content and features for forthcoming update revealed Rockstar Games

Avid GTA gamers are in for some exciting news, as renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) has revealed some intriguing gameplay content and features that are expected to be part of the forthcoming DLC for GTA Online. The leaked DLC info comes from popular GTA tipster, Funmw2, via a recent post on GTA forums.

Talking about the possible features and DLC content that Rockstar could add to the forthcoming update on GTA Online, Ross cites information from reputable sources such as Funmw2 along with his own opinion about Rockstar's likely DLC release strategy.

Although Rockstar recently confirmed the release of Rockstar Editor for PS4 and Xbox One consoles as part of the upcoming DLC update for GTA Online, the game maker has not divulged any details about the DLC content apart from disclosing a probable September release for the same.

According to Funmw2, Rockstar has recently confirmed a new mission type via a recent post on Newswire wherein the new mission type blip uses the "Lamar" icon in the game. In addition, the new DLC content is expected to include Adversary modes, gang attacks, contact missions and some new heist missions.

Further, it is speculated that the new mission type could actually be the same as gang attacks so you can trigger it while you are playing freemode in GTA Online. In other words, this could be Rockstar's next move to bring one of the single-player game characters into the online version of the game like it did with Ron, Trevor and Lester.

Those who missed the tutorial in GTA Online would have also lost the opportunity to meet Lamar, during the intro of the game. Nevertheless, the appearance of Lamar during the tutorial seemed to be somehow connected to his upcoming DLC character in GTA Online.

In response to another fan query on the GTA forum, Fumnw2 suggests that the next update would include stunt races, creator update, Rockstar Editor, 12 new vehicles, and new mission type or freemode activity. Besides, the tipster also speculates that the next update has been codenamed as "Low", which indicates it could either be the highly-anticipated Lowrider DLC or Lowlife update for the online mode.

On the contrary, the stunt races and creator update are expected to be released as separate DLC releases for GTA 5. Ross also clarifies that the upcoming DLC will feature Adversary modes similar to the ones released for Heists DLC in GTA Online.

Meanwhile, speculation is rife that Rockstar might actually bring back the popular multiplayer modes from GTA 4 such as Bomb to Base and CopsNCrooks to GTA Online.

After a gap of close to two months from previous DLC release, fans can finally hope for some exciting DLC content as Rockstar is poised to release a new update for GTA Online sometime in early September.