David and Victoria Beckham have been a power couple for over two decades, and their fans are rooting for their marriage to last. However, the former "Spice Girls" singer gave fans a reason to be concerned when she unexpectedly revealed that she had removed a tattoo that was a tribute to the former England captain.

Victoria recently took to Instagram to share a video of herself while swatching a new lip tint on her arm. As she held up her arm to the camera, a faint outline of her tattoo could still be seen on her wrist, but it has been erased quite significantly.

Her left wrist used to feature a tattoo of her husband's initials, "DB" written in cursive script. She later added a Hebrew phrase on their tenth anniversary, which meant "Together, forever, eternally." Both of these tattoos are now almost completely gone from her wrist.

Meanwhile, the Roman numerals VIII-V-MMVI used to be tattooed on her right wrist. The numbers are a reference to May 8, 2006, which was the date when she and husband David renewed their wedding vows.

The Inter Miami owner sports a matching tattoo on his own wrist. Under the numerals, Victoria also has a tattoo of a Latin phrase that means "again from the start." Both tattoos have now faded from her wrist.

While the disappearance of the tattoos sparked concern, it appears as though there is no trouble in paradise. The designer simply seems to be on a mission to rid her body of any ink. She was also photographed with another tattoo barely visible. This time, it is a Hebrew poem that runs down her spine. It translates to "I am my beloved and my beloved is mine."

Needless to say, the ink has been fading from Victoria's body for quite some time, and there is no real evidence to show that the move is connected to any marital problems.

David and Victoria Beckham
David and Victoria Beckham