TIME magazine's recent cover image of Beyonce has caused a Twitter storm.

The singer was chosen to feature on the cover of the magazines prestigious '100 most influential' issue, however the choice of outfit has prompted commentators and fans to criticize the image.

The Single Ladies star is seen wearing a white bra top and large, white pants, under a completely sheer, chiffon top.

While the magazine celebrates her business acumen and her professional success, many questioned why is seen gracing the cover in her underwear.

"Beyoncé...most influential person of 2014. Great, well done. But why does she have to be in her underwear?" a fan tweeted.

"Couldn't Beyoncé have worn clothes for her cover?" said another.

Reacting to the image, blogger Brogan Driscoll wrote on the Huffington Post: "Thigh-high boots, corsets, the teeniest of short shorts may be Beyoncé's look du jour, but do they really have a place on Time magazine's cover?"

"Bey says Time magazine's recognition is important 'because it's not about fashion or beauty or music; it's about the influence I've had on culture.' So why does she have to come half-dressed?" added Driscoll.

Reader Elisavet Papoutsi wrote on TIME's Facebook page: "You decide she's the most influential person. In the world. And then you let her grace your cover in her underwear. You don't see how pathetic that is?"

The other alternative cover stars are Robert Redford, the NBA's first openly gay athlete Jason Collins, and General Motors CEO Mary Barra, all of whom are featured fully clothed.

Journalist Sarah Vine said: "Why is Beyoncé in her bra and pants on the cover of time magazine, while all the men are pictured looking bloodily (sic) intellectual."

As the May issue hits news stands, speaking about the most influential list Rashida Jones, the magazine's deputy editor said: "We love for people to argue and debate about it."

The list which has previously been criticised for being dominated by men, this year includes 41 women, seven of whom are either actresses, singers or models.