Is there "in-fighting" on the set of popular sitcom The Big Bang Theory? Apparently that is the case if the show's lead stars Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons's hilarious exchange on the 2017 SAG Awards red carpet is to be believed.

The actor – who is better known as Sheldon Cooper on the CBS show – received a double nomination this year at the 23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. Not only was he nominated along with the entire cast of TBBT, but also received a nod for his performance in the Hidden Figures.

Parsons sitting with his Hidden Figures co-stars during the awards does not seem to have gone down well for Penny aka Cuoco from the TV comedy series.

Gushing about his double nominations, the 43-year-old-actor revealed that he would be switching tables with the Hidden Figures cast for the night.

"It's more exciting than I even thought it would be, I'll be honest with you. When it happened it was really neat, but it was really on the ride over I was tonight like, 'Oh my God, I have two groups of people I get to see!' It's kind of overwhelming in that way!'"

Cuoco feigned disappointment as she learnt that her Big Bang Theory co-star will not be sitting with her and the rest on the cast during the gala. "Do you hear this? He just moves right into the Hidden Figures table! This is news to me, if you couldn't tell," the actress said pretending to be angry.

In a last attempt of settling the dispute, Parsons then put up an argument that the organisers have "kindly put our tables close together". But, Cuoco wouldn't have it any other way as she jokingly asked, "Would it be weird if I sat at the Modern Family table? I'm just wondering. I'm confused!"

To which, Parsons further added fueling rumours of a feud, "You broke the news! There's in-fighting on Big Bang!"

Clearly, the two lead actors weren't serious about their apparent feud as they concluded by telling that they still love each other. "I'm just trying to stir up rumors... All jokes aside, I love you so much," Cuoco promised.

As for the awards, Hidden Figures picked up the trophy in the Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture category.