Big Brother 2014
Chris is the new power housemate. Channel 5

Chris is the latest housemate to crack under the pressure in the Big Brother house.

The professional actor was accorded the role of power housemate, with responsibilities for secretly nominating his fellow housemates for eviction.

The 33-year-old, who nominated dance teacher / rapper Pauline, was buckling under the pressure of keeping the secret.

Speaking in the diary room he said: "I chose Pauline because I could she was fake and noone else in the house could see it. Everyone loved it. And she's just a gossip. She was cheating them. And I couldn't tell if the public could see that.

"I can't tell you how hard it was for me to commit to that decision," he added.

Breaking down in to tears Chris said he was relieved to hear that the public seemed to support his choice.

"When I heard the boos for her it was such a massive comfort. However I now feel like a complete and utter fake."

Chris was battling with his conscience as he is forced to conceal his identity as the power housemate.

Struggling to control his tears he said: "It's everything I'm against. It's what I do as a living but to lie as myself."

Big Brother 2014
The housemates look on in shock as it is revealed that Chris has been nominated for eviction. Channel 5

And it seems he's fellow housemates have found him out. Discussing the identity of the power housemate, all eyes were focused on Chris who attempted to shrug off their suggestions.

Speaking in the dining area, the housemates discussed Chris's role in the house. "I don't trust those eyes," said a suspicious Mark.

High flying entrepreneur Stephen added: "I never thought anything until it was pointed out in the garden and I saw he rolled his eyes and walked away."

Meanwhile, Chris has nominated his name sake Christopher to face eviction along with Pauline.

"He's been winding people up a lot. I actually just feel horribly sorry for him. I feel he's quite alone here. I think he feels he is very alone here, but he just has a character that rubs people up the wrong way."

In an earlier conversation with Big Brother Chris commented: "You've got a genius bunch of d***heads here. That's everyone, including me. "

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