Big Brother 2014
Marlon made a low key exit from the house in his underpants. Channel 5

They promised an apocalypse would strike and Big Brother didn't disappoint as they dropped not one, but two bombshells on the housemates.

Kicking off Armageddon Week, the housemates faced a shock eviction as Marlon Wallen became the sixth housemate to leave the house.

Big Brother revealed that Marlon, Ash Harrison and Ashleigh Coyle had received the most nominations, but added that they would not face the public vote.

Instead, the person with the most nominations would leave immediately.

After Marlon fell out of favour with his fellow housemates for pushing the button that would save him from eviction that meant the house lost a task, he was unanimously nominated for the boot.

Accused by the housemates of being cowardly and selfish, he left with a whimper and without any of the usual fanfare or the cheers of the crowd, dressed only in his boxer shorts.

Big Brother 2014
Zoe Birkett said she\'d bring some fun to the house. Channel 5

Speaking to Big Brother's Bit on the Side host Rylan Clarke, Marlon said: "I'm not surprised I got the most nominations. I am surprised at the surprise eviction. I was ready to go off to sleep.

"When Emma said it was a surprise eviction and the person with the most nominations was going, I knew it then."

But that wasn't the only shocker of the night, as Big Brother announced that three new housemates would be joining them.

Pop Idol runner-up Zoe Birkett, stripper Biannca Lake and property manager Pavendeep Paul promised to shake up the house.

And Biannca didn't waste any time declaring her intentions for her time in the house.

"I will be having sex in the house, I will be getting my clothes off and I will be getting drunk in the house."

Big Brother 2014
Biannca Lake declared her intentions to have sex in the house. Channel 5

Having implied a keen interest in pursuing Essex boy Winston, just half an hour after entering the house, the stripper propositioned him.

"Have you have ever had sex on rubble? Would you like to try tonight?" asked Biannca.

However she faced her first rejection. "I think it would be a bit uncomfortable," said a bemused Winston.

"Am I a little bit forward" she asked. "Yeah you are. I don't really know what to say to you," said a red-faced Winston.

The exotic dancer was also quick to make moves on male model Ash.

Big Brother 2014
Pav said he wanted to use his time in the house to teach the wold about his Sikh culture. Channel 5

Evicted housemate Marlon said he didn't have high hopes for the new arrivals.

"If she goes in there and tries to get her kit off she's gonna be told to jog on," he said. "Winston's in a different class. He wouldn't do that."

Steven and Kimberly have already come under fire for having sex in the house.

Meanwhile, new housemate Pav said his goal is to educate the world on Sikhism and 'show them that Sikhs are liberal loving people who know how to have fun.'

The property manager claimed he already had the show in the bag.

While the new additions will battle it out against the existing housemates to win rewards to help them survive Armageddon Week, what they don't know is that, in a further twist, one of the new arrivals will face eviction on Friday.