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A brace of exciting, non-financial blockchain start-ups will take part in a pitch-off at the end of this month in London. The event, which will be judged by tech entrepreneurs and investors such as Visa Europe Collab, features Bitnation, and Blockverify.

The "pitch off" will give a panel of investors and accelerators the chance to judge lightning pitches, said an invite sent to IBTimes. The judging panel will include: Jon Downing, innovation partner, Visa Europe Collab; Irene Lopez de Vallejo, director R&D, Digital Catapult; Reijo Pold, head of partnerships, Wayra Open Future_ UK; Jeffrey Tijssen, FinTech chair, Tech London Advocates; and Mary McKenna, tech entrepreneur and investor.

The event takes place on 30th March at Digital Catapult near Kings Cross from 18.00 – 20.00.

A spokesman for Digital Catapult said that while there was no set fund being pitched for, like a Dragons' Den-type scenario, there was undoubtedly going to be "money in the room".

Digital Catapult issued a list of pitching companies with blurbs attached, as follows:


  • Pavlo Tanasyuk

Blockverify uses blockchain technology to provide advanced serialisation for various products to protect consumers from counterfeit merchandise. each product can be labeled with Qr code, 2D barcode, nfC and other methods. Unique code and cannot be duplicated.


  • Yiseul Cho

Diving logs are vital evidence of experience and safety, but currently maintained on paper and independently certified, allowing for fraud and loss. Blockchain + IoT (diving computers) can solve it!

The humanitarian Blockchain

  • Julio alejandro

The humanitarian Blockchain helps human rights organisations, international organisms, and nation-states to solve social, non-traditional, problems in impoverished communities in Colombia, ghana, China & the developing world using Blockchain-Bitnation technology.

Creative Barcode

  • Maxine Horn

Creative Barcode has scoped Blockchain technology as the means to bring accurate record and attribution to Unregistered Design rights for commercial, cultural and historic benefit.

  • Stephan Tual

Rent, sell or share anything – without middlemen. With, the unused bicycle in the shed gets a new lease on life. Parking spots can be sublet on demand. airbnb apartments become fully automated. It's the future infrastructure of the Sharing economy.


  • Andrei Baloiu

IChaIn is designed to provide a decentralised solution for timestamping and signing frames/videos in CCTv systems either on a private or public blockchain to prevent tampering and extra security.


  • Federico Tenga

Bloxgame is a platform that uses the blockchain in three different ways to solve different problems of the gambling industry: access to online payments, source of randomness and transparency.


  • Yuriy Habarov

Avalanchain is a provider of self-reconciling enterprise-grade cascading reactive blockchains. We seamlessly glue the most recent Blockchain developments with cutting-edge industrial highLoad and BigData technologies. allowing blockchain to naturally fit your business.

Bitnation governance 2.0

  • Abhimanyu Dayal

Bitnation governance 2.0 offers you choice through a full range of decentralized governance services traditionally provided by governments. Bitnation services include: cryptographically secured ID systems, blockchain-based dispute resolution mechanisms, marriage and divorce contracts, land registry opportunities, insurance contracts, peer-to-peer diplomacy through a fully distributed governance framework & in a geographically unbound, decentralized, and voluntary way.


Ed Thurlow

  • IDeaoS is a crowdsourcing platform using blockchain technology to organise a decentralised community of research and collaboration on a possibly unlimited number of societal and personal areas.


  • Mohamad el Boudi

Trace aims to provide a unified standard for the certification of artworks and the management of collections.

  • Neha Murarka enables micropayments for streaming digital content. This makes it easy to bring content to everyone, especially by pricing the content below the pain point of customers – smoogs. io can multiply your market to billions!