Adverts and unboxing videos for LG's upcoming flagship LG G5 handset have really gone off the deep end with 'adorable' puppies, rally cars and copious amounts of Hollywood actor Jason Statham's face forming an unholy trinity of baffling videos.

First off we have frankly quite haunting advert from the South Korean company themselves, which mainly consists of the star of the eagerly awaited Fast 8 having his grumpy face superimposed onto babies, high-street dancers and a pair of elegantly dressed ladies dining out at a restaurant. You can watch this below:

YouTube / LG Mobile Global

Interspersed between scenes of impromptu bouts of umbrella-toting fisticuffs and bike/bull chases with fire extinguishers there are thankfully some short snippets of the phone itself, briefly showing off the modular design, dual camera and even LG's 360 VR HMD. Touted as the 'first phone built for fun' at the close of the trailer, I would go out on a limb and say the makers of the video possibly had a little too much fun while making it.

US mobile network Verizon has also entered the fray, giving us an unboxing video with a difference. If there is one thing the internet cannot get enough of it is fledgling animals, but rather than funny kittens, this time it is the turn of some scrambling puppies who claw open the G5's retail box and confusingly paw at the phone itself.

YouTube / Verizon

With a tagline I am sure LG will be eager to commandeer, the phone "that puppies love" is shown off with reference to the always-on display and the wider 'Friend' range that includes the LG 360 Cam and the second edition of the LG Watch Urbane.

Not to be outdone by its rival network, T-Mobile in the US has also bucked the trend of dull unboxing shorts with a dull unboxing short inside a rally car. The shaky cam footage does little to actually show the G5, but at least there is a faux-rock track to distract your ears from the presenter's forced wails to show how 'extreme' the whole experience is.

YouTube / T-Mobile

This is not the first time T-Mobile have tried to spice up unboxing videos, as it has previously previewed the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge in a swimming pool.

The LG G5 is due for UK launch on 8 April 2016. If you are a G4 owner considering an upgrade then take a look at our side-by-side comparison here.