You're driving along the road when all of a sudden you realise that attached to the side of your car, hitching a free ride, is a snake. What would you do?

Well, the car Becky Reeves Castro was travelling in just kept on rolling down the road as a scaly serpent dangled by the side window, somehow attached to the roof of the vehicle. Castro caught the moment on camera.

"He's a big old boy," says one of the passengers in the car. "I'm telling you, I'm ready to jump out of here!" says another. "See, he's getting longer and longer, he's gonna fall off in a second," says a third voice.

Castro shared her video with WSPA 7News, which covers both North and South Carolina in the US, and it was posted to the broadcaster's Facebook page, where at the time of writing it had been viewed over 20,000 times.

"And this is another reason I will never drive with my windows down ever again," responded Facebook user Candy Finley. "I would have wrecked or had a heart attack! I don't like snakes!" wrote Elaine Moon.

snake car
The snake dangling from the car