Mobiles UK Black Friday 2015 landing page
Mobiles UK is offering special deals on sought-after smartphones from Monday 23 November onwards IBTimes UK

Black Friday 2015, one of the biggest shopping days of the year in both the US and the UK, is almost upon us. There are lots of exciting deals to look forward to, including smartphone deals from

Black Friday is a shopping bargain day that originated in the US and is usually put on the day after Thanksgiving. Americans are used to this holiday and even have set survival plans for how they can get to high street shops and supermarkets and grab items before other shoppers.

Unsurprisingly, the deals cause chaos every year and extra staff have to be employed. In the UK, Tesco and Asda are two major supermarket chains who offer Black Friday deals in-store as well as online, but after similar overcrowding, chaos and customers fighting over large screen TVs, Asda has decided to cancel its in-store sales and stick with the web-only deals that most other UK retailers employ. has put up a landing page for Black Friday. However, unlike other retailers, its deals went live from 1am from Monday 23 November and will continue until Cyber Monday.

The retailer says that it will be offering bargains on highly sought-after smartphones and tablets that will change every 48 hours –such as the Apple iPhone 6S, the Apple iPhone 6S Plus and the Apple iPad Air 2 – on both contract and pay-as-you-go deals.

There is no word on whether any other products will be offered, but the retailer also sells Samsung phones and phablets, and many of these deals come with free gifts such as Apple TV, Xbox One, Sony PS4, Toshiba laptops and Samsung TVs.

We here at IBTimes UK will be keeping our eyes peeled for the latest deals and discounts to be offered by, and update this article as and when we spot them.

In the meantime, has some tips for surviving Black Friday that it would like you to watch:

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