Officially unveiled in mid-December, the BlackBerry Classic is now available for pre-order from several retailers in the UK.

High-street retailer, Carphone Warehouse is charging £329.99 for a SIM-free and unlocked BlackBerry Classic, the smartphone having significant upgrade over the BlackBerry Bold 9900. Consumers can also purchase the new BlackBerry device via pay monthly deals with contracts from Vodafone and O2.

While Vodafone is charging £109.99 upfront and £14.50 per month for 24 months with 100 minutes and unlimited texts, O2 consumers will only have to pay £28 per month and get unlimited minutes and texts. Buyers will receive delivery of their devices on Monday (12 January). Head over to the product page to know more about tariffs offered by carrier networks at Carphone Warehouse.

Apart from Carphone Warehouse, a bunch of online retailers including Amazon UK across the country are also selling the Classic smartphone. The first stocks of the smartphone, which costs £339 at Clove, have already been sold out and fresh stocks are expected within a couple of days.

Unlocked Mobile and Expansys are selling the smartphone with a similar price tag. The smartphone is in stock at Unlocked Mobile, whereas Expansys consumers will receive their products on 13 January. BlackBerry users can also directly buy the smartphone from BlackBerry stores in the UK. Head over to the following links to buy BlackBerry classic from your favourite retailer.

Pre-order BlackBerry Classic via Carphone Warehouse

Pre-order BlackBerry Classic via Clove

Pre-order BlackBerry Classic via Unlocked Mobiles

Pre-order BlackBerry Classic via Expansys

Pre-order BlackBerry Classic via BlackBerry UK store

Pre-order BlackBerry Classic via Amazon UK