BlackBerry OS
BlackBerry OS has leaked for BlackBerry 10 devices. toptechanalyst

A new Blackberry OS has been leaked for the Blackberry 10 running smartphones. Along with the autoloaders links, the radio and core OS download links as well as apps from OS are available for the BlackBerry Passport, Z30, Q5, Q10 and Z10.

According to the findings shared by members at the Crackberry forum, the leaked OS version is snappier and less laggy when compared to the previous 1151 version. Things are much smoother than earlier, such as picking a contact, going to call screen or placing a call. The 1154 OS seems to have fixed the battery graph bug.

However, there are a few hiccups here are there. The teamviewer is reportedly not working and has poor Wi-Fi connection. Also the green flicker in videos (on Passport) is not fixed yet.

If you still want to try out the leaked version, check out the following links. Installing the leaked OS will be at your own risk.


BlackBerry Passport

BlackBerry Z30 [Alternate link]

BlackBerry Z10 STL2-3-4

BlackBerry Q5/Q10

Apps OS

Operating system

QC8974: BlackBerry Passport (Debrick + Code OS)

QC8960: Blackberry Z3/Z10/Z30/Q5/Q10 (Debrick + Core OS)

OMAP: Blackberry Z10 STL 100-1 (Debrick + Core OS)


Z30 + Classic Radio

Z10 (STL 100-1) Radio

Z10 (STL 100-2/3/4) and Porsche P9982 Radio

Z3 (Jakarta) + Cafe Radio

Passport + Ontario Radio

Q5 + Q10 + Khan Radio

[Source: Crackberry]