Troubleshoot issues with BlackBerry Priv
How to troubleshoot issues with BlackBerry Priv BlackBerry

If you are experiencing performance or stability issues with the BlackBerry Priv, resolving them would not be a difficult job. Following are a bunch of troubleshoot issues ranging from rebooting to performing factory reset, which you can apply to deal with the problems on your Android powered Priv smartphone.

Reboot your Priv

If you are experiencing stability issues or any problem with a particular app or game, the first thing you should do is reboot your device. This will close any apps or process that are running and start the hardware drivers within the phone all over again. To reboot your Priv press and hold Power button then tap Reboot. Once the device restarts successfully check if the stability has improved.

Install latest update

Ensure that your phone is running on the latest update that contains enhancements, system stability and security improvements. Do the following steps to check the latest update;

  • Swipe down from the top of the phone screen
  • Tap Settings then About phone
  • Tap System Updates then Check for update

If you find any update is available, go ahead with the installation.

Install latest updates for apps and games

Also make sure you have the latest version of apps and games. To get the most recent updates perform the following steps;

  • Open Google Play
  • Tal the three bar icon then My apps
  • Tap Installed the Update or Update All that is if you have multiple app or game updates

Free up storage

You should be having at least 10% or more free space available. If not, then you might experience instability. To check the internal storage space do the following;

  • Swipe down from the top of the phone's screen
  • Tap Settings then Storage
  • Now check if you have 10% space

If not, then try making some free space by removing the apps that are unnecessary.

Force stop and clear cache

If you are having stability issue that is related to a particular app or game, such as any app closes down when trying to open it, consider doing force close or clear the cache of the device. Force close option completely shuts down the app or game. Note that force close or clear cache does not affect the app's date.

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen
  • Tap Settings then Apps
  • Under Download, tap the app or game that is creating problem for you
  • Tap Force Stop followed by OK

If the problem still persists, try to clear the app or game cache by removing the temporary files that might have been corrupted.

  • Head over to Settings then Apps
  • Go to All, tap on the app or game causing problem
  • Tap Clear Cache

Clear data

Consider performing Clear Data option that will delete the app or game completely. This process also deletes local files, settings, accounts, databases and other things associated with the app or game. Do not forget to create a back up of all data of your phone before you go ahead with the process.

  • Go to Setting then Apps
  • Now go to All then tap the app or game you creating problem
  • Tap Clear Data then OK

Uninstall app or game

If clearing cache, data or force stop does not help, then consider removing the rogue app or game completely. Note that uninstalling any app or game will delete the data related to that particular program from the device. Before uninstalling the apps, create a back up of all your important data.

  • Navigate to Settings then Apps
  • Under Download, tap the app or game you want to remove
  • Tap Uninstall then tap OK

Boot into safe mode

Booting into Safe Mode will disable all the third-party apps or games installed on the phone.

  • Press and hold Power button
  • Tap and hold Power off when the option appears on the screen
  • Tap OK to reboot into Safe Mode

To get out of the Safe Mode, press and hold the power button then tap Reboot

Factory reset

Performing a factory reset will send the phone back to factory settings, which means all data, settings, apps and games you have installed on the phone will be removed. Once the process is complete, you should be see the out of box setup wizard. Finish the wizard and then see if your phone is fine now. As always do not forget to backup you data before you perform a factory reset.

  • Head over to Settings then Backup & reset
  • First go through the message appearing on your phone's screen
  • Tap Factory Data Reset