TheThe Blacklist Season 2 Premiere: Where to Watch Online Red's Search for Berlin
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The Blacklist Season 2 will end its Fall journey with episode 8 titled 'The Decemberist' and its ending is touted to remain painful and bittersweet for fans.

The finale episode will focus on Liz's husband Tom Keen who will try to escape from prison even as Liz finds she has only two options left to deal with Berlin's ex-henchman, to let him live or kill him.

"It wouldn't be an interesting series if I was [locked up] forever, that's all I'll say," Ryan Eggold, who plays the character of Tom, told the Sunrise.

The Decemberist will also see the most unlikely alliance between arch rivals Berlin and Raymond 'Red' Reddington as they will learn that a third party is using Red's nemesis against him.

Red is determined to find the Russian official who framed him for Berlin's daughter's murder.

Meanwhile, Liz will do everything she can to hide Tom's kidnapping from Reddington as he is inching closer to the truth.

"There's a resolution of sorts," James Spader said during the behind-the-scenes interview.

"But any resolution on our show opens up another door, and the resolution is always going to be painful and bittersweet."

The official synopsis of the finale reads via Hollywood Hills:

"Red will go after the new threat behind Berlin's vengeance ... Red's (James Spader) motives for Berlin (guest star Peter Stormare), will take a sudden turn when he learns Berlin was manipulated by the latest Blacklister to avenge Red.

Red and Berlin are going to travel to Moscow to track down a high ranking Russian official who they believe is responsible."

Will they ever find the mastermind behind their feud, and what will happen when Red discovers Liz's deep dark secret?

All questions will be answered when The Blacklist returns on Monday for the Fall finale on NBC network.

In case you miss the episode at the given time, you can watch it on the official NBC website by clicking here.