The Legend of Zelda: Oscarina of Time
Blind gamer wins Zelda: Oscarina of Time after five years Nintendo

Avid fans of The Legend of Zelda are in for some exciting news as a blind gamer named Terry Garrett has managed to win the popular puzzle game Zelda: Ocarina of Time after five years of sustained efforts, using his numerous saves for the game.

The gamer has reportedly managed to complete the entire game with the help of in-game sounds to identify the correct path around passageways. According to his latest YouTube video, Garrett employed some inquisitive methods such as wielding Link's sword and hitting it against the wall to help him find his way around obstacles.

He used numerous save slots in order to avoid the ignominy of restarting the game completely, just in case something went wrong. Prospective gamers who are yet to win this game may draw some inspiration from Garrett's stunning gameplay video posted below, as he demonstrates his successful attempt at winning the infamously difficult level of the game, Water Temple.

Garrett also posted the final playthrough for the game on 2 January via YouTube, wherein he says: "It has been long in the making, but I have finally accomplished my goal." He then credits all his fans for their help and support at times when it felt seemingly difficult to complete the game.