iPhone 6 Concept Video dubbed iPhone Air
The iPhone Air concept is much closer to what is expected than some of the wacky concept images which are typically produced ahead of iPhone launches. Screengrab/YouTube

We're used to seeing concept designs for the iPhone 6 with curved screens, transparent screens, and even holographic screens but it could be that a much more prosaic vision of Apple's next iPhone could be much closer to reality.

Dubbed the iPhone Air, the vision of Sam Beckett may not be the earth-shattering as some visions of future iPhones, but that could be just what makes this a much more realistic vision of what we will see when Apple releases its next iPhone later this year.

As you can see in the video below, the iPhone Air is very much based on the design of the iPhone 5s with a metal band running around the edge of the phone which is covered front and back by glass.

The speaker grilles, headphone jack, lightning port, volume and mute buttons and the Home button with Touch ID are all in the same place with the major change being the size of the screen.

4.7in sapphire crystal screen

Beckett is guessing that the new iPhone will have a screen size of 4.7in and resolution of 1920 x 1080 (468ppi) - making it 17% larger with 68% more pixels than the iPhone 5s.

This screen size has been widely reported as one of the sizes being tested by Apple, with the company also said to be looking at larger screen sizes of up to 5.5in.

Beckett also predicts that Apple will use a sapphire crystal display, another feature widely expected after Apple stuck a deal with GT Advanced to operate a manufacturing facility in Mesa, Arizona related to sapphire crystal components.

In terms of overall size, the iPhone Air in Beckett's video is 9% thinner at just 7mm and despite the much larger screen has just an 8% bigger footprint - thanks to a reduced bezel around the screen.

Overall the predictions seem to be close to what is expected across the industry from commentators, leaks and analysts.

Apple is expected to launch a new iPhone in the autumn, with some expecting two different sized models and the scrapping of the colourful iPhone 5c following poor sales.

Apple is also expected to release the long-awaited iWatch at some point in 2014, which could come at the same time as the next iPhone(s).