While Bosnia has a widely publicised problem with underage pregnancies, a recent unverified report highlights the full extent of the problem.

A shocking case has been reported in the Bosnian press, claiming that seven primary school children from a small town, returned home pregnant after a five-day field trip.

The case has provoked nationwide discussions about sex education in Bosnia where the number of sexually active girls aged between 13 and 15 has increased significantly.

Senad Mehmedbasic, a gynaecologist from Sarajevo said that the growing trend for underage pregnancies is worrying.

"It is worrying that girl 13 years old to have sex, but that is the trend of today. But we can not continue to allow our children to be educated about sex on the street and not in school."

He added that educational institutes and parents should play a stronger role in providing effective sex education

"It is obvious that children do not have enough of health education so they engage in such activities, not knowing the consequences. We have to be more direct in the educational system, it must not be allowed that street teaches children about intimate matters, and that they are later slapped by life," he said.

According to InSerba News Network girls are seeking advice from experts, online. One schoolgirl wrote: "I would have sex with my boyfriend, even though I'm only 14... But I am afraid I'll be judged."

Last year in Sarajevo 31 underage girls became pregnant.