anthony joshua
Anthony Joshua won the gold medal in the 2012 London Olympics Getty

International Boxing Federation (IBF) champion Anthony Joshua's rise to the top has been quick. Since making his professional debut in 2013, it has taken the British boxer just three years to win a world title. He came into prominence when he won the gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics in the super-heavyweight division.

The 26-year-old, who is one of the most recognisable boxers in the world today, has become a source of inspiration to Great Britain boxers who will take part in the upcoming 2016 Rio Olympics. In fact, Joshua still trains at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield where Britain's Olympic boxing team have been based.

"The Olympics was a different level. In the O2 you can lock away in your changing room, the Olympics you could just hear the crowd. The loudest noise was the boxing. How many people were at the athletics stadium? And the loudest was boxing. How mad is that? Trust me. That's why I said that was Spartan-like. You're locked away behind stage but you can hear the crowd roaring for blood, you're about to step out and fight in the arena. That was gladiator stuff. That was class", Joshua said, as quoted by boxingnews.

In fact, his experience at the Olympics eventually helped him during his world title bout with Charles Martin in April this year. The southpaw knocked Martin out not once but twice in the second round on the way to a historic victory.

"Its moulded me to deal with these occasions better. I wouldn't downgrade the Martin win, but for the fact that where I've been, coming through my last fight, that adrenaline and so on, the Olympics helped. I put a little of the excitement aside and I thought, "It's just a job", I take Charles Martin out. I just want to win that belt and that's all it is. Pure business", the current world champion added.

Joshua's next fight is not known as of now, but he recently signed a new multi-fight deal with US broadcaster Showtime. This deal ensures that all of Joshua's fights in the US will be broadcast by the network.