BP CEO Bob Dudley pay increases to £13.8m despite firm posting losses and planning job cuts
BP CEO Bob Dudley Getty

A potential British exit from the European Union in an upcoming referendum would result in a period of global uncertainty, according to BP chief executive Bod Dudley.

Speaking to Bloomberg TV at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum on Friday (17 June), Dudley said: "A vote in favour of Brexit is not going to change exactly what BP does. We will respond as a company.

"However, my personal concern is the unintended consequences – no one is quite sure what will happen. I'm sure the pound will gyrate a bit. I think it will put the world into some period of uncertainty, including for Britain. That is concerning".

Earlier in day, it emerged that BP and Russia's Rosneft had inked a £210m ($300m) oil exploration joint venture agreement.

The venture – named Yermak – would see Rosneft and BP hold 51% and 49% stakes respectively. It is expected to drill its first oil exploration wells in Eastern and Western Siberia next year.