Josie Cunningham
Josie Cunningham will appear in Channel 4 documentary 'Josie: the most hated woman in Britain?' ITV

Josie Cunningham has denied an alleged blackmail attempt involving a "intimate tape" of her aged 15 is a publicity stunt.

The controversial mother-of-three has been riding on a wave of public attention after she appeared in last week's Channel 4 documentary Josie: The Most Hated Woman In Britain?

But the 24-year-old glamour model, who seemingly revels in public scrutiny and uses Twitter to take on her detractors, has denied a reputed blackmail plot is another way of lining her pockets.

Describing herself as "distraught", Cunningham used Twitter to say she could prove she was underage in the alleged video.

She then rebuked claims the plan was hatched so she could sell her story. "This kind of publicity straight after the documentary when everybody has been so nice to me. Do I f**k!" she said.

Cunningham shot to infamy in 2013 when it emerged she a £4,800 breast enhancement operation on the NHS. She then gained notoriety one year later after it was reported she would undergo an abortion so she could enter Celebrity Big Brother.

However, she later rejected the claim and did not participate in the reality show.