A 21-year-old British female backpacker has been admitted to hospital with severe injuries after her moped collided with a car in Thailand. Lucy Hill was just a week into her vacation when the incident left her with a broken pelvis and brain haemorrhage.

Immediately after the crash on 9 January, Lucy was transported to Rajavej Chiang Mai Hospital, where she has received three blood transfusions and a titanium plate has been attached to her broken hip.

Lucy is in a critical state as she needs more blood transfusion because of post-surgery anaemia. Her family has made an international appeal to people with rare A-negative blood to come forward and help her. As A-negative blood is rare among Asian origin people, the family has made appeals to ex-pats and those travelling in Thailand to come to Maharaja Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital for a blood test.

Blood donation number

"If anyone is around and is A Negative blood type please can you contact myself on Facebook, call me on +61 484346507 or head to Maharaja Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital and say it is to be donated to Lucy Anne Hill at Rajavej Hospital. I understand it is your holiday but this is my friend. It doesn't take long and it will do a great thing," Lucy's travel partner, Lauren Hall, 19, posted on Facebook.

"We were told a car collided with the moped, the driver was travelling on the wrong side of the road and knocked her off her moped. She is in a bit of a mess. It is early days to see how she progresses, we don't know how serious it is," Lucy's father Phil Hill said.

"Yesterday morning I was nearly physically sick when I found out. It was very upsetting. We were running around yesterday trying to find flights. It is my daughter; you would do anything for your own child. We want her to be well. As soon as she gets home the better, not knowing is hard," he said.

Lucy had taken a year off after completing her graduation from Leeds Beckett University and planned to travel to Australia, Vietnam and Cambodia after her trip to Thailand. Lucy, who aspires to be a teacher, had worked for eight months at TGI Fridays, in Bury, to save for her dream trip.

The family are receiving assistance from the British mission in Thailand.

Anyone willing to contribute for Lucy's treatment can visit fundrazr.com/campaigns/915eb5