When Beyoncé announced she was pregnant with twins, it is fairly safe to say the internet went into a slight meltdown.

Her floral Instagram post, where the veiled superstar could be seen caressing her bump, has been 'liked' over 10 million times and received over 500,000 messages of support.

Now, almost two weeks after the original post, the internet has gone into a fresh frenzy — but this time, it seems for the wrong reasons.

Danielle Lloyd, a British glamour model and former Miss Great Britain, has announced her pregnancy with her fourth child in an almost identical fashion.

She too can be seen knelt before a floral arrangement, wearing a veil and caressing her baby bump.

The 33-year-old divorcee from Liverpool said she was "inspired" by Beyoncé's shoot, and has recreated it for the cover of OK! Magazine.

Unlike the outpouring of support received by Beyoncé, many were not happy with Lloyd as recreating the image was considered "sacrilege".

Lloyd's baby will be her first with her new fiancé, Michael O'Neill. She had her first three children with former footballer, Jamie O'Hara, but the pair are no longer on speaking terms after O'Hara's recent antics in the Celebrity Big Brother House.