Two British teachers are travelling around the world in a three-wheeled Tuk Tuk in order to promote awareness of the importance of education to the developing world. Childhood friends Nick Gough and Rich Sears, from Bath in the UK, have been travelling on their Tuk Tuk, a motorised rickshaw, since 13 August 2012. Gough said the mass trip was to promote the importance of global education.
"61 million primary aged children, still don't have access to education, and everyone is supposed to have access to that by 2015, it's just not going to be met, so we really just wanted to draw attention to the big issue, but also we wanted to show that there are local people out there doing amazing things."
Clocking up around 20,000 miles so far, the two have journeyed across Europe, Africa, India and Nepal, before reaching their current location, Singapore. Despite suffering breakdowns and bumpy rides, Sears explained why they chose the unusual mode of transport.
"I think eight years ago we went to Thailand experienced Tuk Tuk for the first time, we thought all these are amazing these are exciting, they are fun, it would be great to try and go on a long journey in this."
During their travels the two are also searching out inspirational projects for which they can raise funds with their charity, Tuk Tuk Educational Trust. All donations they receive will go straight to these porjects they support.
Written and presented by Alfred Joyner