A British woman, who was trafficked into prostitution when she was a teenager, says she was forced to have sex 110 times in a day. The woman, who uses the fake name Megan, was forced into the sex trade by a man she had met while on a holiday with her mother in Greece.

Megan, who is now 25 years old, was just 14 when she was forced to work in a brothel. She worked at the brothel for six years. Megan was forced into prostitution by an Albanian man by the name of Jak, who she had met at a local bar and with whom she moved in just weeks after meeting him.

"When we left England we left our lives, really," Megan told The Guardian. There was nothing left behind for us," the victim said.

"He treated me so well. I just believed him," Megan said. "I loved him and he loved me pretty much instantly. He was charming, really," she said.

The victim was persuaded into moving to Athens by Jak, who told Megan that his mother had cancer and was in need of money for her treatment. He told his victim that his cousin could get them work in a cafe shop in Athens, but after arriving there, she was forced into prostitution.

Jak dropped Megan outside an office building with a cardboard box and told her to deliver it to a man on the top floor. At this point, Megan began to suspect something was awry. "I remember shaking and stumbling up the stairs, because something felt odd," Megan said.

A man led her into a small, windowless room with a video camera attached to a bed post, where she was raped. "And that was it," Megan said. "He... just... raped me, really. He was filming it and I was paralysed, because I was really shocked," she said.

The victim, however, carried on having sex with up to eight "clients" a day, because she was in love with Jak and would "do anything for him". But after a while Jak handed over Megan to another pimp called Christoph. The victim said she was too frightened to leave her new pimp.

"These traffickers are really, really clever," Megan said. "I want people to understand it's not as easy as getting up and leaving. I should have got up and gone, but I didn't because of the mental power they had over me. It is really powerful. It's actually like they've taken over what identity you have and turned you into their property, a thing to be controlled. Robotic is the right word," she said.

The victim, eventually, suffered a psychotic episode and was sectioned in a Greek hospital for three months. When she was there, she told a hospital staff about her ordeal. The victim's mother was informed about her daughter's situation and later both mother and daughter left for the UK.

"When I came out of it [the sex trade] I couldn't speak to anyone," Megan said. "I had no confidence. I flinched when someone shouted. I've been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder by a psychologist who talks about how I disassociate from my past. For me, it's like it happened to someone else," she said.

The victim has come out with her memoir, titled Bought & Sold by Megan Stephens, which has been written with the help of a ghostwriter. The memoir is published by Harper Element at £7.99 ($7.99) on 29 January.