young worker
A young female call centre worker (Reuters)

Almost three quarters of the British public would prefer dealing with a UK based call centre over a 10% discount, new research suggests.

Data from call centre and telephone answering service Ansaback shows that Britons would also be willing to wait for as long as three minutes on the telephone in order to speak to a UK call centre.

Sarah Footman of marketing firm Kaizen Search commented: "Even though there has been a significant shift in businesses bringing call centres back to UK shores, there are a lot that still outsource mainly due to financial reasons, with the Philippines becoming the increasingly favoured location for international businesses."

The infographic (below) goes on to suggest that the older we get, the more inclined we are to be in favour of British call centres. Some 92% of those aged over 65 would prefer call centres to be located within the country as they find that they are "more comfortable".