Nidhi Chaphekar - Brussels
The woman on the right has been identified as Nidhi Chaphekar of Jet Airways Reuters

Shortly after the Brussels attack on 22 March, an image of a woman whose clothes were torn to shreds began circulating in the media. The woman has been identified as Nidhi Chaphekar, an inflight manager of the Indian airline Jet Airways, who is now recovering in hospital.

Chaphekar, 45, was one of two crew members of Jet Airways to be injured in the Brussels terrorist attacks at Zaventem International Airport. Brothers Khalid and Brahmin el-Bakraoui have been identified as the airport suicide bombers.

The image of Chaphekar sparked widespread discussion, with some questioning whether it should have been used by the media, given that it exposes her upper body. While Chaphekar underwent surgery for injuries and burns, her family have spoken out about the harrowing experience of waiting for information about her well-being following the attack.

Rupesh Chaphenkar, Nidhi's husband, told the Times of India: "For the whole day we did not have any information. All they told us was she is safe. But how do I know if they are not just giving us false hopes? I just want to hear her voice once."

Rupesh said that only the airline's base manager had been in touch with the family and that they had not been able to get through to any of the helpline numbers in Brussels. The businessman was at work when he heard about the terror attack and rushed home, while his sister-in-law picked up their two children from school.

Nidhi's 11-year-old daughter reportedly kept asking her aunt: "Mamma ka kuch pata chala kya? (Any news about mum?)"

Nidhi has been working with Jet Airways since August 1996 and was a senior crew member. She was due to leave Brussels for Mumbai, where she is based, when the attacks hit.

A spokesperson for Jet Airways said: "Based on latest updates from Brussels, our colleagues Nidhi and Amit are recovering well. We look forward to welcome them home soon."

Meanwhile, Rahul Taneja, chief people officer of Jet Airways, tweeted: "Proud of our brave hearts Nidhi and Amit who held onto their nerves in time of crisis. Jet Airways salutes their grit and determination."