A shootout at a petrol station in Atlanta, Georgia, was caught on CCTV on Sunday 21 August. Atlanta police said officers responded to reports of gunfire at the Texaco petrol station at about 8.30pm.

In the footage, a man with dyed blonde hair is seen entering the petrol station's store. As he leaves another man just arriving starts to follow him. The blonde man then goes to the driver's seat of a black car and produces what appears to be a Draco AK-47 pistol.

He follows the other man around the car until he runs to the front of the car and fires bullets into the car's windscreen. As the incident ends, a woman is seen exiting the vehicle holding her shoulder. 11alive.com reported that Atlanta Police said the woman sustained a gunshot wound to her left shoulder but is currently in a stable condition in hospital.

Police are now attempting to get a description of the suspect who fled the scene in a red and black Mazda. They also said they are trying to determine a motive for the incident.