Bungie Destiny
Bungie postpones Destiny's Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner events until it can fix a heavy ammo bug. Bungie

Destiny developer Bungie has announced that its competitive multiplayer events will be put on hold while the studio works to fix a recently discovered heavy ammo glitch exploit. The Trials of Osiris weekend that was set to begin on Friday and its upcoming Iron Banner event have been postponed until further notice.

Discovered earlier this week, the game-breaking exploit in question involves the game's Cocoon and Clown Cartridge weapon perks and allows players to generate unlimited amounts of rockets. The glitch works in both PvE and PvP as well.

"Heavy Ammunition is a rare commodity in the Crucible, and with good reason!," Bungie community manager David 'Deej' Dague wrote in their weekly post. "There are few defences against a well-aimed Rocket that lands squarely at your feet. We limit the deliveries of purple crates to the battlefield to make those explosive moments the highlight of a match."

"When we learned that some Guardians had discovered a way to earn unlimited rockets, we knew it was time for a bug hunt. Rather than punish players for playing the game in a way we didn't predict, we've been waging an investigation into our code. These things happen, so please don't panic. We're on the case - and we've slayed more dreaded bugs than these."

Dague also addressed the Reddit thread where word of the exploit first popped up this week.

"A healthy competitive ecosystem requires that we meet each other halfway," Dague wrote. "While we won't ban you for stumbling into a bottomless well of explosive ordnance, we will impose restrictions on players who compromise the overall experience--either willingly or unwillingly. It's never a thing we celebrate, but we're committed to protecting the game. The keepers of the Banhammer have beefed up their automated security measures to issue restrictions to cheaters as well as players with consistently bad Internet connections that break the Crucible."

It is unclear how long it will take the fix the heavy ammo glitch.

"We know this will come as a disappointment to some," Dague said. "Our hope is that it won't be as disappointing as being denied a trip to the Lighthouse by an opponent with a Rocket Launcher that works like a clown car."