Call of Duty Advanced Warfare screenshot
A screenshot from Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Activision

If Black Ops 3 wasn't already favourite to be this year's Call of Duty, it certainly is now. A small update for 2012's Black Ops 2 has been released which includes within it a series of Snapchat quick links that could well be the beginnings of a viral campaign.

Developers Treyarch are hinting that Snapchat – of all things – is the platform Call of Duty fans should be keeping an eye on for impending announcements regarding the future of the series. YouTuber Drift0r was among the first to notice the links, which are currently inactive.

You can watch his video, which points out a couple of the locations these Snapchat ghosts can be found, below...

Californian developers Treyarch have worked on the first person shooter series for over a decade and are already known to be developing this year's game for release in the winter.

World at War 2 has been a popular prediction for the series' next title, but Black Ops 3 remains the likeliest candidate – not least because it would allow the series to continue using the quicker exo-skeleton-based gameplay introduced by Sledgehammer Games in last year's Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Advanced Warfare was announced in early May 2014, so the time is approaching for Activision to reveal the next in their blockbuster franchise.