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One hundred and twenty British troops from the First Mechanized Brigade, who recently returned from Afghanistan's Helmand Province, paraded through London to the Palace of Westminster on Tuesday (October 22), where they attended a parliamentary reception.

British Prime Minister David Cameron greeted the troops outside the Houses of Parliament.

"Can I warmly welcome you here to the House of Commons. It is parliament that sends you to Afghanistan and it is right that parliament should play a role in welcoming you back," David Cameron said.

"I think you should not just be proud of this tour that you've undertaken but I think we should be proud what we've achieved in Afghanistan since 2001. When British soldiers first went to Afghanistan in 2001 there was no Afghan army, there was no Afghan police, there was really no Afghan state. What you have helped to put in place is the start of a state and a society that can take care of its own security."

445 British soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan since the troops arrived in 2001.

The NATO-led force in Afghanistan is hoping for a credible handover before most troops are pulled out at the end of next year.

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