Five Britons were killed when a Canadian whale-watching boat sank on Sunday (25 October), the British foreign secretary said on Monday (26 October). The boat, carrying 27 passengers, sank off the coast of British Columbia, sparking a rescue effort by the Coast Guard, fisherman and private mariners. Five people were confirmed dead and one missing, while 21 were rescued. The vessel, the Leviathan II, was operated by Jamie's Whaling Station and Adventure Centres.

Amateur video from Daniel Frank captured the sinking of the boat, with the footage being posted online on Monday. The footage appears to be shot from a separate boat and captures the Leviathan II partially submerged underwater. Further photos posted online showed a military rescue helicopter responding to the distress signal, and footage from later in the evening showed ambulances arriving to tend to the injured.

The helicopter and plane responded after the vessel sent a distress signal around 5pm local time, according to rescue co-ordinators. Military planes and coast guard vessels lit up the area where the vessel remained partially submerged, eight nautical miles northwest of Tofino. Most of those rescued were taken to hospital, and several have since been released.