After it initially came out for the PlayStation 4 and PC on Feb. 2016, "Street Fighter V" has come a long way. Post-launch content already spans five seasons worth of DLC add-ons that have expanded its base roster of 16 fighter to 40 as of "Street Fighter V: Champion Edition." After his reveal at Capcom Cup 2019, Seth finally joins the lineup and is speculated to be the final one until the next installment of the fighting game franchise. Meanwhile, a "Devil May Cry V" cast member hinted that a new "Capcom Vs." title is in currently in development.

According to an article published by EventHubs, the source of all the excitement appears to be Brian Hanford – the English voice actor for V of "DMC5." He reportedly posted a tweet that teased gamers about an unannounced crossover fighting game. Moreover, it was implied that the roster will feature a new cast of fighters but will be familiar to fighting game enthusiasts. In the past, Capcom also collaborated with other game studios which produced games that eventually became fan favourites.

Absolutely pumped for the next #CapcomVS game!!! New characters but could be VERY familiar...

— Brian Hanford (@brihanford) February 15, 2020

For now, gamers can just theorise what the next "Capcom Vs." will feature. It could be the "Tekken X Street Fighter" title that Bandai Namco worked on in the past. Another possible crossover would be "Capcom Vs. SNK 3," which is possible now that the latter is enjoying a resurgence in popularity. There is the upcoming "King of Fighters XV" which was revealed last year and "Samurai Shodown" that continues to attract more entrants to officially sanctioned tournaments.

The most recent addition to the long-running series was "Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite" which was released for all major platforms. Despite the supposed hype around it, there were alleged quality problems shortly before the game was due to release. Fans quickly pointed out that development felt rushed and that some of the character models looked unfinished. Ultimately, it failed to meet its targets and was eventually dropped from major competitions.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite
Metal men Mega-Man and Iron-Man. Capcom

With the EVO 2020 lineup of games already publicly listed, it was an unexpected surprise to see "Marvel Vs. Capcom 2" included. There is a likelihood that the new "Capcom Vs." sequel will officially debut after the tournament crowns the champion.