• Tomas Ceidukas, 28, died after being rescued from the flames.
  • 100 firefighters tackled the blaze at the North Greenwich club on 8 August.

Investigators are still probing the cause of a fire at Studio 338 in the Greenwich area of London that killed "beautiful and inspirational" Lithuanian man Tomas Ceidukas. The 28-year-old died in hospital on Tuesday evening (9 August) after being rescued the previous day from the burning venue where he worked.

The club, which is on Boord Street in east London and near to the O2 Arena, was consumed by flames at 11.40am on Monday.

Acrid black smoke billowed miles across the capital as 100 firefighters from 20 engines battled to control the raging furnace. An industrial warehouse and scrap paper processing plant were also damaged in the blaze along with around 40 pallets of paper.

Six people including the club's owners were rescued from the site and fought to save Ceidukas before he was airlifted to hospital. Around 20 firefighters remained at the scene well into the next day to monitor signs of reignition.

Fourteen people were arrested on suspicion of arson but were later released. A Met Police spokesperson told IBTimes UK that enquiries were ongoing and that the nature of the investigation could change after Ceidukas died.

In a statement issued to dance music website Resident Advisor, the club's management said: "Our hearts are smashed and broken. Tomas fought for as long as he could given the extent of his injuries. He was as strong as an Ox but it was too much even for him. We are so sad to tell you all that he died a few minutes ago.

"He was so pure and beautiful. An inspiration to us all, always positive, never complaining, working through the night to make sure the parties were the best they could be for you and us. We are all so devastated to lose him like this. Everything we do from now on is for you our brother." The club earlier posted a photo of Tomas on holiday in Ibiza on its Twitter feed: