Stephanie Davis
Stephanie Davis has been seen getting closer to fellow housemate Jeremy McConnell in Celebrity Big Brother Getty

We all know how vocal Stephanie Davis can be on Twitter, so it certainly was not a shock when she called out former escort Helen Wood for speaking about her relationship with Jeremy McConnell. Davis attacked Wood on Twitter, over her gossiping that Davis had cheated on her now ex-boyfriend McConnell. The English actress called out Wood on social media, claiming that Helen had "slagged" her off.

Davis aimed some pretty nasty tweets to Wood, who is also famous for sleeping with England football captain Wayne Rooney.

The actress wrote: "Ps @Helen_wood86 thanks for taking time out to talk about me. I didn't even know who u were then. Now I do a tart who wants to be famous *laughing emoji*"

Davis also wrote: "Haaa best laugh at the day…@Helen_wood86 slag me for *cheating* now is out u were with a married man for money #slag least mine was love…"

The former Channel 4 actress did not stop there, she continued: "Sorry @Helen_wood86 don't know what's looser… your mouth… Of your legs… u absolute drip *laughing emojo* #penniesinthepost #literallylooselips *tired emoji* "

The Twitter rant eventually caught Helen's attention and she responded to Davis's messages with a fiery reply.

She compared Steph to Harry Potter character Draco Malfoy, and joked that the former actress was in a bad mood because of her former lover's dirty actions.

She later signed off Twitter, adding: "I'd love to stay & chat but Malfoy blocked me back in the days she got finger blasted on tv in front of her bf. Thats all from me folks…"

Steph replied to her message: "Ha @helen_wood86 calling me.pot kettle… ur sugar daddy HB wants a refund.

"u do gift cards? Now Get back to your column for a few quid u ming…"

Davis's tweets to Wood are now deleted.

According to the Mirror, the Celebrity Big Brother contestant was fired from soap opera Hollyoaks after "at least 20 incidents". Show bosses confirmed Stephanie's contract had been terminated after she arrived on the set of the Channel 4 soap unfit for work.