After social media users spent a day mourning over the killing of a second lion, Zimbabwe wildlife authorities dismissed rumours on 2 August that a second lion Jericho was killed.

Jericho who has been identified as a 'coalition' partner to Cecil was reported dead by the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force (ZCTF) on 1 August.

"The lion known as Jericho is still alive and being monitored by Brent Stapelias of the Lion Research Project," confirmed the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority in a statement, reported The Telegraph.

"It is also important to note that Jericho is a 'coalition' partner to Cecil and not a blood related sibling."

Several other sources confirmed Jericho's well being, including Andrew Loveridge of the Department of Zoology at Oxford who confirmed seeing the lion.

Oxford University's Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU) had been studying Cecil before he was shot dead.

"Jericho was seen alive and well at 6.15am [on Sunday]. He has been feeding on a giraffe kill with the lionesses from his pride," said Professor David Macdonald, director of WildCRU, reported The Guardian.

According to reports, Jericho who was earlier described as Cecil's brother has stepped in to shield the young from rival mates.

Cecil –the much adored lion of Zimbabwe was hunted down in July by 55-year-old US dentist and trophy hunter Walter Palmer.

Cecil the Lion
Cecil the lion from Zimbabwe that was killed by an American Dentist is projected on the Empire State Building, in the \'Projecting Change on the Empire State Building\' project, made by the Oscar winning director and founder of Oceanic Preservation Society Louis Psihoyos and producer Fisher Stevens in New York on August 1, 2015. Getty Images