Valentine's Day gifts have an air of predictability about them: roses, chocolates, perhaps lingerie for the more adventurous. Step forward Burger King, who are offering a special Valentine's Day "adult meal" – complete with a free sex toy.

Couples can enjoy a romantic feast of two whopper burgers, two portions of french fries, two beers and one of a range of "romantic adult toys" for a reasonable price from 6pm on 14 February at Israeli Burger King restaurants.

The meal comes in a specially-designed box reminiscent of a McDonald's happy meal. But instead of featuring children's toys, the bundles include head massagers, blindfolds and feather ticklers. The offer is only available to over-18s.

A video promotion for the offer said: "Kids meal? That's for kids. Burger King presents: the Adult's meal with an adult toy inside – only on Valentine's Day. And only from 6pm."

Earlier this week an exchange between a cheating boyfriend and his partner on Burger King's Instagram stream went viral.

Jordan von Smith had complained about the wait he and "his girl" had endured at Burger King branch. Within minutes von Smith's girlfriend had replied demanding to know who he was with as she wasn't with him.

A heated public fracas ensued in which von Smith was dumped and the girl he was with branded a "fat bitch". The incident led a 'bystander' to remark: "Did I seriously just witness a break-up on BK's Instagram."

Burger King sex toy
The Valentine's Day Burger King Adult Meal features a free sex toy Youtube