The latest issue of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has featured an image on the front cover of a decapitated Theresa May carrying her own head. The image carries the caption: "English multiculturalism".

A speech bubble next to May's face says: "Too much is too much" in reference to the remarks the prime minister made in the aftermath of the terror attack that killed nine people and injured 48 in London earlier in June.

The issue was published hours before polls opened for the UK general election, which ended in a hung parliament after the Conservative Party failled to win an overall majority. There have been calls for May to resign, bur reports said the prime minister will stay in power and work to form a new government.

The magazine's latest issue has also an image in reference to the recent terror attack. It depicts people running past the Big Ben, one of them still holding a pint of beer, with the caption: "Slimming tips from Daesh (Isis terror group)".

The attack is the third to occur on British soil in the past few months.

Suicide bomber Salman Abedi killed at least 22 people – including children – at the Manchester Arena during an Ariana Grande concert on 22 May.

In March, at least four people were killed when British-born Khalid Masood ploughed his car into innocent pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and outside the Palace of Westminster.

The Isis terror group claimed responsibility for all the three attacks.

Charlie Hebdo staff were themselves victim of a terror attack in January 2015, when Islamist gunmen who claimed they belonged to the al-Qaeda terror group killed ten staff and two policemen when they raided the magazine's office.

Charlie Hebdo's latest issue has attracted criticism, with people taking on social media to vent their outrage over the perceived lack of sensitivity for the victims of the London Bridge attack.

One user said: "I remember supporting @Charlie_Hebdo_ during their attacks, only to be mocked by them for ours. #LondonBridge"

Another one said the image perceived as mocking victims was "disgusting".