Charlie Sheen has announced on US television that he is HIV positive after press speculation over a 'Hollywood star' being infected with the virus. The former star of hit comedy show Two and a Half Men made the announcement to Matt Lauer on NBC's Today show.

The 50-year-old actor told Lauer that he was diagnosed with the infection "roughly four years ago", adding: "It's a hard three letters to absorb." Sheen, who was fired from Two and a Half Men in 2011, denied his condition was related to a subsequent drink and drugs binge that saw him hit the headlines and make repeated outrageous claims on television and radio.

"I wish I could blame it on that – that was more roid rage," he said during the interview. IBTimes UK recalls his most baffling outbursts.

Interview on The Today Show

Announcing he was "at war" with "Two and a Half Men" broadcaster CBS, Sheen said he cured himself of his addictions. "I closed my eyes and made it so with the power of my mind," he explained. Of his last drugs test he said "don't remember, don't care" and later asked questions of the show's Chuck Lorre.

Rant on Ustream

After claiming phones were "built by trolls", Sheen is asked by if he has breakfast yet. He responds: "No, I'm smoking a cigarette and drinking something I won't reveal unless they pay me." One bizarre refrain was: "If you own the home in which you own the trash can you should never have to empty it ever, ever again."

Interview on ABC

Perhaps Sheen's most notorious interview, he told ABC that he was still on drugs, one called Charlie Sheen. "I am on a drug. It's called Charlie Sheen. It is not available because if you try it once you will die. Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body." He went on to say the reason he survived mammoth drug binges was because he had "tiger blood" in his veins.

Radio interview with Alex Jones

The final nail in the coffin for Sheen's association with CBS came when he spoke with Infowars radio show host Alex Jones. In another message to Chuck Lorre, he said: "I've spent I think it is close to a decade effortlessly and magically converting your tin cans into pure gold." Jones later comments "You sound like Thomas Jefferson", to which Sheen replied "Well, I'm not Thomas Jefferson. He was a p****."

On the Conan show

Two years after his public meltdown, Sheen went on the Conan O'Brien show to explain his outbursts. He said he "laughed himself into a hernia" at a Dave Chappelle comedy show. The actor later advised the audience to not smoke testosterone cream and explained how Hugo Chavez banned him from Venezuela.