Charlie Sheen is back and as he made a return to the spotlight, the outspoken star proved that he has no intention of curbing his acerbic tongue.

In a series of live TV appearances to promote his new comedy, Mad Families, the 51-year-old actor launched into unfiltered rants re-igniting his longstanding feuds with his former foes.

He began his tirade on Wednesday (11 January) during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, by taking pot-shots at Rihanna and actress Jennifer Grey, while bragging about a sexual encounter in a lift in the Eiffel Tower.

Downing shots, which is customary on the late night show, Sheen couldn't help making a barbed comment about his Ferris Bueller's Day Off co-star Jennifer Grey, saying: "Talk about a nose job ruining a career."

He then targeted singer Rihanna with whom he waged a public war after she refused a request to meet his then fiance while dining in a restaurant. He later took to Twitter to launch an attack on Rihanna, writing: "See ya on the way down."

Drawn on his feud with the Work singer, he commented: "Oh, that b****", adding that "she abandoned common courtesy and common sense."

Rejecting any possibility of meeting the Baijan beauty to put an end to the rift he said: "Personally I couldn't pick her up out of a line-up at gunpoint."

Cohen then asked Sheen where the craziest place he's ever had sex. After pondering the question he responded: "Eiffel Tower ... elevator."

His unfiltered interview spree continued on Thursday (12 January) morning as he appeared on Good Morning America followed by a visit to The View.

Greeting hosts Whoopi, Sunny, Joy, Sarah and Jedidiah he remarked: "Someone call the hottie police because clearly there's been a jail break in Babeville."

"I just kissed five women and there's no deposition at the end of it," he quipped making reference to his legal woes.

Drawn into a discussion about Donald Trump, Sheen offered his opinion of the President-elect's real estate holdings, calling Mar-a-Lago a "fleabag s***hole."

"It was like the Playboy Mansion with rickets," he said.

Sharing a story about the President-elect he revealed: "He gave me fake cufflinks and said they were Harry Wintson worth $100,000 (£82,300), diamond encrusted," said Sheen. "They were cheap pewter with CZs [cubic zirconia]."

Sheen was famously sacked from his hit sitcom Two and a Half Men six years ago. After a downward spiral amid revelations of his alleged sexual promiscuity, he revealed that he was HIV-positive in 2015. He described the diagnosis as "a turning point" in his life.

He subsequently vowed to mend his ways giving up drugs and alcohol and turning his focus to his career. Despite his public rants, the actor said he was doing well after his diagnosis.

"I feel really good," said Sheen. "Not bad for a sick guy."

Sheen later took to Twitter to post snippets from his interviews as he pledged to go back to "political-correctness" now the interviews were over.