A number of people have been left injured after protests by fishermen in Chile turned violent. Fishermen in Arica were demonstrating on 3 March against a new law that restricts the amount of anchovies they are allowed to harvest.

The rally turned violent, and the protesters set fires, clashed with riot police, and could be seen throwing bricks and stones at vehicles. Fourteen people were injured in the protests.

Sergio Lizana, president of the Artisanal Fishermen of Arica, said, "We have had dialogue with the governor and other people but in reality we've made no progress. The solutions that they have for us are in the long term. The sector is in a crisis now. At this moment, our colleagues are without work."

The fishermen want the government to re-instate their permission to fish for anchovies after new rules were brought in to restrict their quota under the Fisheries Act. They say it has left many locals without work, but talks over the issue have broken down.

"We're fighting to be able to work. We're fighting against the monopoly. Tell them and let's see a law that favours us," declared fishermen, Hernan Munoz.

Police could be seen fired tear gas and clashing with protesters in the streets of Arica. The movement against the quotas has been gathering momentum over the past three months, but this was the most violent clash yet.