Snowy road
Snowy road Reuters

Ho Yide is just four-years-old.

But he was forced to do push-ups and running in heavy snow by his parents during a recent holiday to the US, in an apparent effort to build his strength.

A video showing the poor boy being forced to do the exercise in one of the snow-covered streets in New York has already generated outrage in China and among the online community across the world.

The video shows the boy in his underpants performing the push-ups with tears rolling down through his cheeks and pleading with his parents to take him out. The parents are seen pressing the child to lie down in the snow which he does at their insistence.

The shaky footage also shows a person, believed to be his father wearing a heavy jacket to protect himself from the chill while instructing the child to do the exercises.

The boy's father, He Liesheng, runs a bed linen company in the eastern city of Nanjing and posted the video online. According to an AFP report, the father was trying to train his son to become strong.

The incident has invited outrageous reactions on twitter and many other social networking sites and the boy's father has already earned the nick name "Eagle Father," for his cruel act.

Here are some of the tweets:

"How could he? Father forces 4-year-old son to strip to his underwear and do push-ups in New York snow as…".

"How cruel ?!!!".

"UNBELIEVABLE. Father in New York city forces son, aged 4, to do push-ups in the snow for "developmental" reasons".

"Today's "Father of the Year" nominee".

"You've heard of 'Tiger Mothers', now meet an Eagle Father".

Chinese parenting methods have recently become controversial as children are put through stricter punishments and pressure to perform even at the expense of sports and other modes of entertainment.

The Chinese way of parenting described in the controversial book "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother," gives an insight into how children are forced to score top marks with no sleep-overs or watching television.

The book was written by Chua, a Chinese American Yale University law professor.

In the book, the author describes how she made one of her daughters stand out in the cold for falling short on piano practice.

Check the plight of young Ho Yide in the video here.