Rihanna and Drake's relationship seems to be stronger than ever as the two confirmed they were dating after sharing a kiss at a concert on 31 August. Now, the Umbrella hit-maker is reportedly "so wrapped up" into the One Dance singer that she has completely forgotten about her former boyfriend Chris Brown and the alleged bad memories she shared with him.

"Drake's really got Rihanna all wrapped up and into him that she's forgotten all about Chris and his problems," a source told HollywoodLife.

The source claimed that when the With You hit-maker was involved in a standoff with the police at his home, Rihanna was "nervous" and "texted" him, but "since then, it's like it never happened".

The rapper was involved in a standoff with the police after he had allegedly threatened model Baylee Curran with a gun on 30 August.

"Rihanna's nervous, scared and panicking over what's happening at Chris' house," a source had previously told the gossip site. "All she can think about is him and Royalty and hopes that Chris will get out of this situation. She's been texting him like crazy and he hasn't responded to one of her texts and that's making her extremely nervous. She needs him to text her and say something," the source continued.

Meanwhile reports said that Drake has been impressive in expressing his feelings for Rihanna. "Drake's been in her ear, telling her how much in love with her he is. At this time, any man who ever likes Ri doesn't stand a chance," the source said.

Drake and Rihanna reignited their romance in 2014 after briefly dating in 2009.

Chris Brown and Rihanna
Rihanna and Chris Brown pictured when they were a couple - File image Polk/Getty Images for NARAS