Chris Evans
Chris Evans is currently promoting his upcoming release Gifted Anthony Harvey / Getty

What happens when Captain America ditches his shield for a teddy bear and reads a bedtime story? The children were ecstatic to see their favourite superhero lulling them into a good night's sleep but the same could not be said of their mums who took to Twitter after Avengers actor Chris Evans's appearance on 10 May.

The actor was in London to promote his upcoming film Gifted and stopped by the BBC children's channel to read a segment of the book Even Superheroes Have Bad Days by Shelly Becker and Eda Kaban. The book aims to help children deal with overwhelming emotional pressures.

Evans' good looks and honeyed tone, however, caused the mothers to swoon and many of them took it to Twitter to discuss their qualms. "I just watched Chris Evans's Cbeebies bedtime story. That's the kind of day I'm having," a user tweeted. "I watched @ChrisEvans read a bedtime story on #Cbeebies and I'm not ashamed to say it was the highlight of my day Thank you @CBeebiesHQ," another added.

"My child may be too old for the CBeebies bedtime story, but I'm not, especially when the very gorgeous @ChrisEvans is reading it," reads another tweet by another mum.

Evans told Time Out London that he became emotional while reading the story to the children. "I just did the CBeebies 'Bedtime Story' I was reading this book to camera and it was getting me choked up. It's a really beautiful children's book. Thematically, it was so lovely."

However, this is not the first time the American actor is reading bedtime stories. The actor, who never misses a chance to talk about his family reveals that he reads stories to the little ones at home. "I have nieces and nephews and I read stories to them all the time. It was my favourite thing as a kid to have someone read stories to me," he said.

Below are a few interesting tweets by mums after the 35-year-old Marvel star's enchanting storytelling session.